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So we are driving in to Hamilton on Tuesday.  It is one of the longest tournaments of the year with the weirdest weather.  Also, I love it!

How many of you will be there?

girlwhocravedbooks said: I've asked you a question in the past, and you said about eating the correct food to keep focused... what would you recommend? :) also, have you for any tips on trying to use the back muscles more... i seem to only use my bicep :/ i really love your tumblr btw :)

If you are talking about food at a tournament or long shooting day, I almost always have the same stuff.  What I learned about myself is that I need to hydrate more than I think but also I need sugar to keep my blood sugar level.  Also I have to take in protein because you are working out and using it up more than you know.  In my bag under my chair I usually have water, Gatorade, protein granola bars, protein shakes and M&Ms.  I will also rotate through cheese cubes, pepperoni slices and chopped up watermelon.  When we have a break in the tournament for the half way point, I will take my bag back to my mom and we refill anything that I have used up.  I drink and/or eat something between every end.  If its not part of your habit, you will forget and you will have performance issues before you realize why and then its too late.  I do small bites and that keeps the blood sugar level better than if you just pig out on something all at once.  I never drink caffeine when shooting because it makes me shaky.  I also use Rescue Remedy in my water and Gatorade because it helps keep you from being overly anxious.  It is an herbal product and you can find it here.

Think of it as moving your draw shoulder back and push the draw side scapula to your spine.  Also your elbow should not be kicked up it should be down and level, traveling around towards the back when you are drawing.  Does that make sense? I am still working on it every day and you will get it figured out but then you grow and you have to start every thing over again.  It can be frustrating, stick with it!

Had to turn my sight around with the new limb/arrow combo. ITS SO WEIRD.

At Six Flags over Georgia today with @kmankp65 @QofTU and my big brother Tristan!  Let me know if you are here today!

At Six Flags over Georgia today with @kmankp65 @QofTU and my big brother Tristan! Let me know if you are here today!

It’s raining again but shooting has to be done!

vansrtight said: Recent form changes? Do tell, I as well shoot NTS.

The most current published changes can be found in the Archery book released by USA Archery in December 2012.  This is the form as it evolves out of various camps and in working with Resident Athletes.  Often, the RAs will have an idea and they work with the biomechanics of things and suggest changes to help archers shoot multiple arrows more efficiently.  There are always new updates so you have to make sure your coach is registered and has an email with USA Archery so that when messages go out, they get the updates. Otherwise you can get them in JOAD or JDT camps and the Coach Observer program.  As you learn the bigger movements in NTS, you then have to learn the subtle changes to make it better each time.  Right now I am working on keeping my elbow down when I transfer rather than lifting slightly which releases the tension in my back.  

Its harder than it sounds!

happy-wonderland said: Where did u buy the balance board? Thanks!

I didn’t buy it, my dad made it.  Its two pieces of wood that he found in the scrap area of Home Depot.  Super easy and cheap!


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